My Story

Photography has always been a passion of mine and the interest first planted its seed, at about twelve years of age, when my parents introduced me to an Olympus OM 10.  The thrill and the excitement of being able to capture landscape images through the lens of a 35 mm camera developed into an exciting and exhilarating hobby.  Photography entered the digital world and endless possibilities were within reach, through the purchase of a modern DSLR camera and the introduction to softwares, Lightroom and Photoshop.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta and then a professional photography diploma ensued through the Photography Institute, encouraging me to further develop my skills, by experimentation and the breaking of rules, to become the published photographer I am today. 


Having been a professional educator for the past twenty-six years, I have been graced and privileged to travel and sightsee a variety of destinations, with the majestic Rocky Mountains becoming a personal favorite.  I cherish the winter adventures, with my canine companion, exploring the hidden beauty that only Mother Nature can create through her frigid winter palette and tapestry of colors.  Being in pursuit of the ultimate photograph, I love to venture where only true outdoor enthusiasts and those with a sense of adventure would consider, to capture a brief moment in time through the lens of a digital camera.

Serve others. Be kind. Let your camera be a tool that opens doors, mends hearts and builds bridges. Be professional, real, generous, and gracious. Go out and tell stories, touch hearts, and make a difference John. Enjoy this journey.
— Steven Vote - Internationally acclaimed commercial photographer